Overseas travel has differences from Japan in various places, such as cult...

Overseas travel has differences from Japan in various places, such as culture, food, transportation, and it is fun. In a casual communication, in some cases, you have difficulties and have new discoveries. On the contrary, however, if you change the way of saying, you will be using physical strength and energy to do casual communication, eating, moving, etc., more than doing in the country. If the temperature is also hot, the meal is different, the temperature and humidity become different, the physical strength will be sharpened steadily. When traveling abroad for the first time, the memories that were hard are harder than saying it was fun. Although I did not take up accommodation and settled down without even planning much, I saw the photo, it turned out that my face got stuck as time passed. So, when I feel like wanting to play part-wise and smoothly, I travel abroad. When you want to relax slowly and relax, it will be a choice of domestic travel. Domestic travel may be scarce in the sense of a new discovery, but it is very easy to do anything. Basically the meal can not be failed, and what you wanted can be realized. When I was young, when I was young, I went abroad and so on, but recently, when I get a holiday that can be taken short, when I want to rest my body, I will be traveling in Japan. So recently we have been doing a lot around the country. Domestic is also good. As it is, I also feel the difference in culture, meals etc are different.

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